Daily Posts Challenge: The Effects of Social Media on the Olympics

I decided to put a twist on this challenge and delve into how social media has affected me and my writing.

Social media has affected the way I communicate through writing. From emoticons, acronyms, and overall quick messages my approach to writing is not as thorough as it was years ago. Writing, for me, was an effortless feat. I could write a long letter, a poem, or even a short story that expressed my thoughts vividly in a matter moments. Nowadays with the mode of writing consisting of tweets, status updates, and brief messages, my thought processes and writing habits have become mundane.

I found myself checking my Facebook and Instagram constantly throughout the day. I had to know what people were talking about. If I updated my status, I was drawn to logging on to read the reply’s. Let’s not mention the funny memes that are floating around the internet! I would check photo and video comments just to “steal” the hilarious works of art and share them with my followers.

While on these social sites I began conversing with people from all segments of my life. From elementary to college and beyond. I was taking time out of my day to communicate with people I hardly even knew. Don’t get me wrong, some of these interactions proved to be resourceful, if not, entertaining as hell. But overall most of them proved to be great time wasters. And time is something I don’t have to waste.

I had to revamp my social networking strategy. I wanted to be able to communicate socially while improving my writing skills abilities. I assessed my options and…VOILA! I created my blog.

“It isn’t the quantity of time spent that matters most. It’s the quality of reward gained.” N.Zing