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August 2015

Unnecessary Racism

I had the displeasure of meeting a woman today at my children’s school. First of all, I live in a predominantly Vietnamese subdivision, therefore the school in the neighborhood is also predominantly Vietnamese. I took my son in to complete his screening for his upcoming kindergarten school year when this lady, who happens to be white, walks in and have a seat next to me. I spoke, and that opened up the flood doors. This lady goes off about why in the hell are all of these “Chinese” people here teaching our children. I was shocked and prepared myself because I knew every word from that point was subject to be trash flowing from this ignorant woman’s mouth. She kept on and on about how Donald Trump is going to send these chinks back to where they came from. She blurted out, then they’re over here taking all of our damned jobs. I looked at her thinking in my head “heffa you look like you haven’t seen a job since a job saw you”. I continued listening to her rant about the “Mexican’s” and the “Chinese” and how they have no business over here speaking all of that “chink chonk nonsense”.

After I couldn’t take anymore I looked at her and said, “One thing I do know about the Vietnamese and Latino population is that they work together rather against one another. They have an advantage over us because they’ve taken the time out to learn English, and we’re so busy complaining that we’ve missed the opportunity to learn they’re language. I told her here in America being bilingual is a plus when it comes to finding jobs since we are such a diverse country.

I was hoping that she caught that I was trying to show her how unintelligent and mean she sounded. But she went on talking (in front of her kids) about how her baby daddy is Dominican and he can take his ass back to where he came from too. I just thought that there is no hope for a small mind like hers. While she was still ranting and raving I pulled out a book and began reading in an effort to ignore her because I did not want to waste my time talking to someone who could come off so trashy within the first five minutes of meeting them. Just as I was doing so, my son’s teacher from pre-k walked up. We hugged and carried on a conversation about his educational growth. While we were talking I had the opportunity to meet his new teacher and while we were all talking this rude ass lady loudly burst out saying, “I’ll bet the fucking principal is Chinese too”.

We all ignored her, but I’m sure we were all thinking the same thing.

-It’s funny how she degraded herself with the same mouth she tried degrading others with. I wander what she would have said about the black woman sitting next to her if she had the right audience.


Facebook Purge

In order to focus on my writing, I had to let some stuff go.
In order to focus on my writing, I had to let some things go. I had to get rid of old habits and create new ones.

I changed some of the settings on my Facebook account in order to minimize my overwhelming habit of logging in, posting, updating, and constant checking of notifications. But, for some reason, I still found myself frustrated with some of the posts by “friends”, ads, and the “people you may know”.

Honestly, I’m not interested in the day to day happenings in peoples lives. I’m quite sure they could care less about what’s going on in mine as well. I don’t go to social media to purchase shoes, clothing, or even books. Yeah these things are nice to look at. I might even “like” them, but in no way, form, or fashion was I going to pull out my credit card and buy them. And, God forbid, I did not know any of the “friends” suggested to me by the book.

As far as Facebook friends goes, I had over 500. How in the world it got to that number is beyond me. I began deleting people I didn’t know personally. I also deleted my high school and college “friends” that I no longer communicated with. Next came my family and friends. I didn’t want to keep people just because they were related, so I just said “what the hell, I’m deleting everybody”. Yes, I deleted every friend I had except for my daughter. Now it was guaranteed I didn’t have to constantly check and update because no one was in the audience to read just as I had nothing to read.

And then there were the groups that I had joined. Luckily I had already done a purge and I am still active in groups like “Coupon Learning”, “If You Can Stand The Heat You Can Cook In My Kitchen”, and my all time favorite “Mary B. Morrison’s 90 Day Challenge”. The latter has inspired me to get back to what I love most, reading and writing.

So here I am writing with no cares of who may see, like, or share it. This is my space, a place where I can be free with no distractions from ads, statuses, game requests, and pokes. A place where my creativity is not subjective to scrutiny. I welcome all to enjoy my space, and if you just so happen not to see it or like it, I will be cool that too.

Do You

What people believe decides pretty much what people think, do and feel.~unkown

Choose Wisely

“The mind can be as powerless as it is powerful;Think wisely”~Sky


Phony and bourgeoisie does not equal class….just relax be yourself and be confident in doing so.~Sky

Honest Pen

I just finished reading “Maneater” by Mary B. Morrison. I love the way she brings the reader into her world with her honest dictation from her characters. She is not afraid of telling it like it is, or at least like she wants to tell it. She writes from a space of freedom and unadulterated truth. She is not afraid of who she offends in here writing, and that in itself has to be admired.

I have so many stories to tell. So many plots, drama, and points of views. I’m not sure if anyone would like it. Hell, honestly I don’t care if they do or if they don’t. These are my truths, my fantasies, my words. Some may feel me, others won’t.

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